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How to Adjust Toilet Float in Less Than 5 Minutes [2023]

Knowing how to adjust a toilet float can help you solve many toilet tank issues. Learn the detailed toilet float adjustment steps in this guide.

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Toilet float is an important part that controls the amount of water in the toilet tank. It moves with the water level, opens the filling valve after flushing and closes the valve when the tank is full. Adjustments to the toilet float may be needed when the toilet fails to flush completely, which is usually because there is not enough water in the tank or when the toilet keeps running because the water level is too high. To adjust a toilet float, you need to know the type of your toilet float first, because each type has a method to adjust. Whether you have a traditional model toilet or a current standard toilet, here we show you how to adjust your toilet float in less than 5 minutes by yourself easily. 

How to Adjust Toilet Float

Part 1: How to Adjust Toilet Float Ball – Traditional Model Toilet

The ball in the toilet is also known as a toilet float which is attached to a long metal rod that connects the toilet fill valve. It has been a staple in traditional toilets for decades and there are many toilets that still use it to regulate how high the water level fills the toilet tank. You need to adjust the toilet float if there isn't a correct water level in the tank. Follow the 6 steps below to adjust the toilet float ball.

How to Adjust A Toilet Float

Step 1: Remove the toilet lid and set it aside carefully. Most tank lids are made of ceramic and can crack if dropped. 

Step 2: Find the toilet ball in the toilet tank. If the tank is full, it will float on top of the water. 

Tips: If the tank is full and the toilet ball has sunk or there is some water in the ball, it is no longer useful and you need to buy a new one and replace it. 

Step 3: Find an adjusting screw at the connecting part between the ball rod and toilet fill valve.

Step 4: If the toilet is running all the time, the ball is sitting too high in the tank and needs to be lowered. To adjust the toilet float to stop running, turn the screw counterclockwise with a screwdriver. If the ball is too low in the tank and is not adequately flushed, you need to raise the ball by turning the screw clockwise.

Tips: If you don't have a screwdriver, you can grasp the toilet ball arm in your hands and slightly bend it upwards to raise the ball, or bend it down slightly to lower the ball. If you adjust the toilet float and it still keeps running, check How to Fix A Toilet That Keeps Running with 3 Steps.

Step 5: Flush the toilet and let the tank refill to check the water level. The water level should be 1-1.5 inches below the top of the overflow tube.

Step 6: If the water level is proper, reinstall the tank lid. 

Part 2: How to Adjust Fluidmaster Toliet Float - Current Standard Toilet

Fluidmaster is the current standard toilet style that you can find in a modern home. The water flow is controlled by a cylindrical plastic float cup that moves up and down the fill valve shaft. It is fixed to a thin metal rod controlling the fill valve by a metal spring clip. This type of toilet doesn't have a traditional float ball and rod, but it does use a float. How to adjust toilet float height? In fact, adjusting this type of float will take you only a few minutes.

How to Adjust Float on Toilet

Step 1: Remove the toilet lid and set it aside. 

Step 2: Find the fill valve on the left side of the tank.

Step 3: To adjust the water level, clip both ends of the metal spring clip and raise or lower the float. To lower the water level, slide the float down onto the drive rod and release the spring clip. Raise the water level and slide the float up onto the pole, then release the clip.

Tips: On some float valves, a plastic spiral mechanism can be rotated to raise or lower the float.

Step 4: Flush your toilet and confirm whether it refills to a proper water level. Also, remember the water level should be about 1 inch below the top of the overflow tube.

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In General

Knowing how to adjust a toilet float can help you solve toilet tank issues. As you can see, adjusting a toilet ball or toilet float valve is not hard work. It only takes less than 5 minutes and the only tool you need is a screwdriver.