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[2023 Solved] 6 Methods on How to Fix Touchless Trash Can

Do you know how to fix touchless trash can's common problems? In this guide, we will show you 6 easy and quick methods to fix touchless trash can yourself.

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Q: “I bought a touchless trash can about 5 months ago. It worked well until this morning. The touchless trash can can’t open automatically now and I was wondering if there might be an easy way to fix it myself. I want to fix it rather than buying a new one, but I am not sure how to fix touchless trash can. Is there any possible way to fix it?"

The touchless trash can is one of the innovative products that not only make our life easier but also provide a fresher and cleaner home. But one day, you may find the easy-to-use touchless trash can doesn’t work suddenly. In this guide, we will offer you 6 easy methods to fix sensor bin’s common problems. By following these methods, you can learn the touchless trash can troubleshooting and fix your touchless trash can problems, ensuring that you continue to enjoy the convenience and hygiene benefits of touchless trash cans.

How to Fix Touchless Trash Can

Method 1: Fix Automatic Trash Can Lid by Wiping Motion Sensor 

The sensor is the part of the trash can that detects when your hand is near it and triggers it to open. You should wipe the motion sensor if the automatic trash can lid won't open all the way, trash can lid is slow to respond or it stays open and closed continuously. The sensor may be affected or reduced its responsiveness by dirt, stain, dust, or other debris. To fix automatic trash can lid, use a damp rag moistened with plain water and wipe the motion sensor slightly.  Make sure nothing is blocking or activating the sensor.

Method 2: Fix Touchless Trash Can by Inspecting Hinge

When the lid opens with noise or doesn’t open with new batteries, inspect the hinge on the trash can cover. Food or debris in the hinge will reduce its ability to open the lid. If there is nothing in the hinge, the hinge itself is cracked or broken. You should consult the user’s manual to find out how to get a new hinge. However, if the hinges are intact, you may need to lubricate them. Apply a small amount of silicone lubricant to the hinges to ensure smooth operation. Test the lid again to see if the issue has been resolved.

Method 3: Fix A Touchless Trash Can by Checking Trash Bag

If the trash bag keeps falling down inside, you need to check whether you are using the trash bag in the right size. Most touchless trash cans come with standard volumes and are compatible with standard trash bags. However, some models are smaller than regular trash cans, so regular garbage bags won’t fit these trash cans. You need to change the trash bag to the dedicated bag to ensure that the fit is exact.

Method 4: Fix Touchless Trash Can by Replacing Batteries

Fix Touchless Trash Can by Replacing Batteries

If the touchless trash can does not respond at all to your motions, it can be caused by low battery power. Replace the batteries or charge your plug-in touchless trash with the original AC Power Adaptor to fix a touchless trash can. Discover the type of batteries your trash can requires by consulting the model-specific guidelines in the product user manual. 

Tips: Do not use the batteries and the AC adaptor at the same time, because the trash can only be powered in one way.

Method 5: Reset The Trash Can to Fix Sensor Bin

Like many electronic devices, touchless trash cans may need to be reset to fix a sensor bin if they are not working correctly. How do i reset my sensor bin or how to reset trash can lid? The method of resetting your trash can may vary depending on the brand and model, so check your user manual for instructions. Some trash cans require you to turn the unit off and back on again, while others may have a reset button that needs to be pressed. If you cannot find any instructions, you may need to contact the manufacturer for assistance.

Method 6: Contact Touchless Trash Can’s Manufacture to Fix Motion Sensor Trash Can

If you have checked your trash can with the 5 methods mentioned above and your touchless garbage can not work normally, contact its manufacturer. There is a 1-5 years warranty for different brands of trash cans. You can get a free replacement if the trash can is covered by its warranty. Besides, the company's representatives can give you additional product-specific troubleshooting guidelines.

Bonus Tips: How to Choose A Touchless Trash Can If You Can't Fix It

If your broken touchless trash can can’t be fixed or the fixed fee is expensive, you’d better buy a new one. So what do you need to consider when choosing a new touchless trash can? Here we list the most important particulars to ensure you find the best touchless trash can that best suits your needs.

  • Material

Most touchless trash cans are made of stainless steel or plastic. The stainless steel trash can is a better choice because it is durable, easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing. The plastic trash can is more affordable, but it’s more likely to break down over time. 

  • Motion Sensor

The sensitivity of the motion sensor is essential. Infrared technology is widely used in trash can now. A waterproof motion sensor is also important. Besides, the sensor needs to be responsive enough to detect when you are approaching the trash can and opening the lid. It should also be able to differentiate between objects and humans to prevent accidental openings. Some touchless trash cans have adjustable sensor ranges, while others have fixed ranges, so it is essential to consider which option is best for your needs.

  • Lid Mechanism

The lid mechanism of a touchless trash can determines how it opens and closes. Some touchless trash cans have a slow-closing mechanism that prevents the lid from slamming shut, while others have a quick-closing mechanism for those who prefer a more robust lid. It is also essential to consider whether the lid is removable for easy cleaning and maintenance.

  • Power Source

It is better to choose two power options for the touchless trash can. In addition, you need to consider the capacity of the battery to avoid frequent charging.

  • Size and Shape

Check the size of the trash can and measure the area where you want to place the trash can. If you want to put the touchless trash can in the corner, choose a square trash can, otherwise, an oval is a better choice.

  • Lock

If you have pets or children at home, remember to choose a touchless trash can with a lock pattern to prevent them from digging through the trash can.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, it is easy to fix touchless trash can if it comes with common problems. You can fix it yourself with the 6 methods above. And if you want to buy a new touchless trash can, you can refer to the Bonus Tips to buy the best touchless trash can for you.