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How to Get Rid of Smell in Trash Can: 4 Simple Hacks in 2023

Are you looking for ways to stop trash can from smelling? The detailed guide shows 4 simple but effective hacks to get rid of smell in trash can.

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Why does my trash can smell? Is your trash always a combination of rotting fruit or food and congealed scraps from your delectable meals? It is only natural for your collected, improperly-segregated rubbish to eventually release an offensive odor. What an awful thing! Never fear. We'll go through 4 effective ways to get rid of smell in trash can today.

How to Get Rid of Smell in Trash Can

Taking out the garbage on a regular basis will not help us effectively eliminate trash odor. Similarly, replacing trash cans every two or three months is both inefficient and wasteful. Consider the 4 suggestions below to get rid of smell in garbage can.

Method 1: Clean Trash Can with Vinegar to Get Rid of Smell in Trash Can

When a foul odor pervades your entire home, it's time to clean the garbage can. Vinegar is a non-toxic and inexpensive garbage can deodorizer that can be used to quickly and naturally stop trash can from smelling. Follow the steps below to eliminate trash odor with Vinegar.

Step 1: Rinse your trash can with water and remove any large debris from it.

Step 2: Spray undiluted white vinegar on the inside and outside of the garbage can.

Step 3: Using a long-handled brush, scrub the inside and outside of your trash can.

Step 4: Rinse the can with water and let it dry naturally.

Tip: After cleaning, the trash can may smell a little vinegary at first, but once dry, there will be no smell at all.

Method 2. Get Rid of Odor in Trash Can with Baking Soda

Baking soda, which keeps maggots out of trash can, can also eliminate the foul odor in your garbage can. Simply sprinkling baking soda into the bottom of your trash can is an effective way to prevent stinky odors from forming in your trash can.

Baking soda is also useful for cleaning out your garbage can. Simply combine a cup of baking soda with water and use it to rinse the trash can to get the smell out of your trash can.

Tips: To avoid corrosion, take extra precautions with metal trash cans. Simply pour some baking soda into a coffee filter and secure it with a twist tie. After that, place this baking soda sachet in the bottom of your trash can.

Method 3. Get Rid of Bad Trash Smell with Bleach

Bleach is a strong cleaner. Despite the strong odor, bleach can kill germs in your trash can. Simply mix 1/2 cup bleach into one gallon of warm water to get rid of smell in garbage bin. You can also use bleach to clean a toilet bowl.

Tip: When using bleach, take care not to damage the surface of your trash can. Meanwhile, to avoid a concentration of fumes, keep your trash can in a well-ventilated area while working with bleach.

Method 4. Use An Automatic Trash Can to Get Rid of Odor in Trash Can - Clever Hack

As you can see, all 3 methods mentioned above can get rid of odor in trash can, but they are time-consuming tasks. In this method, we will demonstrate a more convenient and efficient way to remove odor from a trash can. Purchasing an automatic trash can allows you to remove smelly odors in a more efficient manner for your garbage can.

How smart trash can helps you get rid of smell in trash can? Many smart trash cans are designed with a solid lid that can seal in germs and odors. As a result, germs and odors are less likely to spread. The super adsorption in smart trash can can adsorb various smells, tidal, Khan gas, and so on. One advantage is that some smart trash cans include specially designed bamboo charcoal bags that can be used to remove odors from the trash can.

Tip: If you use a smart trash can, you won't have to worry about corrosion or fumes remaining in the can. 

The Bottom Line

Using the 4 methods listed above, you can effectively eliminate the smell in the garbage can. If you have any additional suggestions, please leave them in the comments section below.