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How to Keep Maggots out of Trash Can with 5 Reliable Methods 2023

Finding maggots growing in your trash can is disgusting but it is a common problem in warm seasons. Check the 5 methods to keep maggots out of trash can.

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Do you have an issue with maggots in your outside trash can? You killed and cleaned your trash can a few days ago and find the maggots return to your garbage can now. Although maggots grow easily in the trash can, there are some simple methods to keep maggots out of trash can. You can get the 5 reliable and effective methods to keep maggots out of your garbage can in this article.

How to Keep Maggots out of Trash Can

Method 1: Choose a Sealed Trash Can with a Lid to Keep Maggots out of Trash Can

It is necessary to choose a sealed trash can with a solid lid to avoid maggots in a garbage can. They will prevent flies from getting in the trash can, so the larva will not be deposited there. Besides, they will also seal the odors into the trash can to avoid flies being attracted to your trash can. Make sure the lid is tightly closed after throwing out the trash. Don't overload the trash can so that the lid won't close.

Method 2: Regular Clean and Disinfect Trash Can – Easy & Important

Regular cleaning and disinfecting your trash can is the most important solution to keep maggots out of outdoor trash can. Once you empty out the trash can, clean the inside and outside can thoroughly with hot soapy water or disinfectant with a brush. This will wipe out any remaining larvae eggs. Clean and disinfect your trash with greater frequency and store it in a cool place in hot summer.

Method 3: Get Rid of Trash Can Odors to Keep Flies and Maggots out of Garbage Can

After cleaning the trash can, you also need to take some measures to get rid of trash can odors that attract flies. Here are some natural ways to get rid of trash can odors to keep flies and maggots out of garbage cans

  • Vinegar and water mixture will keep the trash can free of odors. Maggots love moisture, so it is necessary to dry the can thoroughly in the sun before putting any new trash in.
  • Baking soda is one of the commonest materials to eliminate trash can odors.
  • Rinse and clean the trash can with winter green. It has a minty fragrance that will hide the trash can odors and many pests including flies don't like it. Placing a few drops of peppermint essential oil in the bottom of the trash can is also useful.

Method 4: Use Thick Trash Bags to Avoid Leaking

Using thick trash bags is the best way to keep maggots out of trash can. It is easy to rip the trash can liners if you use a flimsy trash can bag. Because flimsy garbage bags cannot completely cover the smell of garbage, it is easy to attract flies. A thick liner prevents the liquids or debris from leaking from your trash bin. So to keep flies and maggots out of trash can, use thicker and puncture-resistant trash can liners.

Method 5: Leave Food Remnants in Kitchen Trash Can

Food scraps, especially those from meat and bone, are the best place for larvae to grow. Flies will flock to them when they smell the rotten meat scraps in the garbage can. That's why it's especially important to make sure food scraps are kept in a sealed trash can in the kitchen until they can be picked up on rubbish collection day. But you may be worried about that there will be an odor if you keep the trash indoors overnight. To avoid this problem, choosing a smart trash can in the kitchen is necessary. 

Bounds Tips: How to Remove Maggots from Your Trash Can

If some maggots are already in your trash can. Don't panic, there are also 3 easy ways to remove maggots and stop maggots from growing in trash can.

1: Wash the garbage can with boiling water.

Wash the garbage can with boiling water once all the trash has been removed. It will kill the maggots in the can.

2: Sprinkle diatomaceous earth in the trash can.

This is a kind of limestone consisting of thousands of fossilized micro-organisms which have sharp edges that will cut the skin of maggots and kill it.

3: Pour salt into the garbage can.

Pour a large amount of salt into the garbage can to kill the maggots. Maggots can be killed with salt because salt will dry the maggots out of moisture.


We introduced the 5 easy ways to keep maggots out of trash can. Taking some preventative measures is necessary because the lifecycle of flies is short, and the maggots will return to your trash can within one week.