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How to Teach Your Dog Not to Raid Trash Can with Simple 3 Methods

Here are 3 methods to teach your dog not to raid trash can. Then there is no need to worry about your dog getting into the trash can when you are not home.

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It is a common bad habit for dogs to raid trash can when you are not home. Dogs going through the trash can will not only create quite a mess in your home but also may make themselves sick by eating or swallowing something. So, training your dog to stay away from the garbage is important and necessary. In this article, we provide 3 easy methods on how to teach your dog not to raid trash can

Teach Your Dog Not to Raid Trash Can

Method 1: Teach Your Dog Some Basic Commands to Keep It from Raiding the Trash Can

You can keep your dog from raiding trash can by teaching him/her some basic commands, such as "Leave it" and "Off". It needs repeated practice, so you may take some time and patience.

1, Teach your dog the "Leave it" command when you catch him/her going to the trash can.

Step 1: Hide a treat in your fist and allow your dog to sniff it.

Step 2: When your dog shows interest in the treat, tell him/her to leave it.

Step 3: If your dog does not successfully get to the treat that is enclosed tightly inside your hand, offer him a better treat from the other hand.

Step 4: Change the treat position, such as moving your hidden treat to the floor and covering it with your hand.

Step 5: When your dog sniffs to explore the hidden treat use the command "Leave it".

Step 6: When your dog turns his attention from your hand with the treat to you, offer him verbal praise and a treat from the other hand.

Step 7: Repeat the steps above until your dog fully understands the command "Leave it". You can hide the treat in your trash can to practice the above steps. 

2, Teach your dog the "Off" command when he/she is opening the trash can lid.

Step 1: Clap your hands and authoritatively say "Off" at the same time.

Step 2: If the dog does not understand the command, gently move him/her from the garbage can.

Step 3: Reward him with a treat after your dog is off the trash can.

Step 4: Repeat this several times when you catch your dog in the act of opening the garbage can. 

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Method 2: Correct it When You Catch Your Dog in the Act

You may get mad and start yelling at the dog when the dog has raided the trash can, but your dog won't understand why you are mad, as the dog won't associate it with raiding the trash. So, it is important to teach your dog not to get into garbage can the moment you catch the dog in the act. 

You can go out of the room and wait quietly for your dog to start going into the trash. When the dog does, clap your hands, shake a can of coins or blow a whistle. You can also reprimand it with a verbal correction such as "Uh" or "No" in a stern voice. The loud noise or voice will startle the dog and stop the dog from raiding the trash. When the dog stops misbehaving, give him a dog toy or dog treats to praise. Your dog will stop raiding the trash with constant reinforcement.

Tips: Never punish your dog physically as it will only make the dog anxious. The goal is to stop your dog from getting into trash and garbage can is undesirable behavior, not to hurt your dog.

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Method 3: Set Traps to Teach Your Dog Not to Raid Trash Can

You can set traps to stop your dog from getting into trash can when you can't watch your dog. They will startle the dog and he or she becomes frightened of the bad behavior. A common trap is to build a pyramid of empty soda cans above the trash can. 

Tie a string to the trash can at the bottom of the pyramid, with the other end of the string tied to the top of the trash can. When your dog raids the trash can, the soda cans will fall. It will make a loud noise and your dog will create a negative association with taking things from the trash. Your dog may hesitate when he or she wants to raid the trash can again.

Notice: Don't use this trap on particularly skittish or timid dogs, as it can have a negative impact. 

Tips: Keep Your Dog out of Trash Can with A Pet-proof Trash Can

If you think it is difficult to train your dog to stay out of the garbage, there is an easy and simple way. You can buy a pet-proof trash can to stop your dog from getting into trash can, keep maggots out of trash can, and prevent other animals or pests from getting into the trash. There are many smart trash cans that have a pet-proof mode, so you can safely leave your dog at home without worrying about the dog raiding the trash can.


Hope the 3 methods above can teach your dog not to raid trash can. If you find it is not easy to teach your dog in a short time, using a smart trash can with a pet-proof mode is good for you. Why not get it and try it now?